About the ACLT


The Amherst Community Land Trust (ACLT) is a private, nonprofit, charitable organization founded in 2014 to address the shortage of affordable housing in Amherst and to strengthen year-round family neighborhoods.  It does this by acquiring and holding property in trust and then leasing the land to homeowners for the long-term. This substantially reduces the total sale price of a residential property, making home ownership affordable for low or moderate  income households.

The Amherst Community Land Trust (ACLT) supports vibrant year-round neighborhoods by creating affordable and sustainable housing opportunities for families and individuals who value living in the Town of Amherst.

Board of Directors:

  • Resident Members: TracyLee Boutlier, Linda Slakey, Paige Wilder
  • Community Members: Maurianne Adams, Joan Burgess, Gabor Lukacs
  • Public Members: Janet Keller, Bonnie MacCracken, Ken Rosenthal


  • President: Maurianne Adams
  • Vice-President: Joan Burgess
  • Treasurer: Paige Wilder
  • Clerk: Linda Slakey

Membership: All Amherst residents are welcome to join the ACLT as regular members, and non-Amherst residents are welcome to become supporting members.  Membership simply requires agreeing to support  the ACLT Mission and Purposes, attending an ACLT meeting, and contributing a nominal  annual membership fee ($15/year).

Board of Directors: The ACLT is member-run, with members electing the Board of Directors from the membership. The Board of Directors will be made up of one-third trust property residents, one-third Amherst community members, and one-third people with expertise in areas needed by the Trust. The Board is directly accountable to the community it serves.

ACLT Bylaws (07/14/2014) and Articles of Incorporation (07/07/2014) available upon request (email ACLT at amherstcommunitylandtrust@gmail.com).

ACLT Press Release July 19, 2014

ACLT Slideshow